At Songhai Insurance Brokers Ltd, we are mindful of the legal implication of wrong advice given to the insured who is seeking financial security through insurance and risk management. An insurance broker is regarded as the agent of the insured in law, hence liable for professional negligence.The compulsory professional indemnity taken by all registered insurance brokers in Nigeria is a relief to the insured who is sure of compensation if misled by the brokers.

Songhai Insurance Brokers Ltd have better bargaining power than the insured who has a direct dealing with the insurers. Going through brokers would enable the insured secure a reasonable and competitive premium at no extra cost.

We are also in a better position to study in details the terms conditions, exclusions and provisos contained in the insurance policy. Where clauses are inconsistent with the objective of the policy, the brokers would advise the insured appropriately. We are also conversant with relevant insurance legislations and practice which are utilized to the advantage of the insured in reporting claims in such a way that insurers cannot hide under legal flaws to repudiate liabilities or deny claims. In pursuing claims, the involvement of Songhai Insurance Brokers Ltd ensures prompt and adequate claim settlement.

The risk management function of Songhai is available for your organization in identifying causes of insurable losses. The report of such risks exposure analysis and evaluation would be useful in making robust decision on your risk management strategy. The insurance broker is a major participant in the insurance industry. An insurance company can not perform the function of an insurance broker. In obtaining your insurance policies, you need the service of an insurance company as well as the service of an insurance broker. Our services do not require any extra cost. You are better off engaging the service of both the insurance company and Songhai yet paying the same premium.


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